Bertronic has always invested significantly in technology and human resources to guarantee high productivity performance also from an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Order, inventory and production activity management using highly customised Management SW makes it possible to monitor the entire process and guarantee maximum accuracy and efficiency.


The department assigned to SMT assembly is the most technologically advanced area and has two state-of-the-art PANASONIC Pick&Place assembly lines with relative automatic screen-printing machines and a 7-zone resmelting furnace.

The latest generation machines guarantee superior levels of machining quality and performance (assembly of 80,000 components per hour) and allow the assembly of PCBs up to 510x460mm (20” x 18”) in size.

montaggio schede THT Italia

Traditional THT Assembly

The THT manual assembly of electronic boards is managed by experienced and highly trained personnel operating at different workstations.

The manual assembly of the components is followed by the flow welding process carried out in a nitrogen-inerted environment to improve the quality and reliability of the welds. Increasing the wettability of the solder considerably reduces the formation of short circuits and improves the welding joints and seams.

This leads to the electronic board finishing phase which foresees a visual inspection of the flow weldings and the manual installation and welding of the remainder electronic components.

Mechanical assembly

In order to optimise customer timing and costs and provide a turnkey service, we are also able to perform the complete assembly of the electronic equipment.

The boards can be completed with dedicated wiring, mechanical, electromechanical components or accessories, with particular attention paid to the aesthetic details.

Component inventory

All electronic components are bar coded and stored and managed by two automated inventory warehouses, connected directly to our management system thanks to 4.0 connectivity.