IAQ sensing sensors


MAQ Air sensing

Monitoring of air, noise and Lux ​​with Casambi Ready programmable keypad

MAQ, Monitor Air Quality checks the indoor air quality by giving immediate visual feedback through the RGB status colors. Through the APP it is possible to see the status of each individual sensor and, with the Gateway active, it is possible to send the data to the Cloud to view the graphs and the state of the air over time. The integrated brightness sensor allows you to independently adjust the Casambi ready lights inside the room. On the body there are 2 luminous touch buttons which, according to preferences, can control lamps, activate scenarios, etc. of all Casambi Ready products. The data collected can also be sent via WI-FI allowing a real-time view of the air quality data on a monitor or WEB.

MAQ has a wide range of sensors

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • VOC
  • IAQ
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide (Relative)
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide (Absolute)
  • PM 0.5 – 1 – 2.5 – 10
  • CH2O Formaldehyde (Absolute)
  • O2 Oxygen (Absolute)
  • O3 Ozone (Absolute)
  • CO Carbon Monoxide (Absolute)
  • Brightness
  • Noise