In order to offer a comprehensive 360 degree service, BERTRONIC does not simply present itself as a mere electronic board assembler, but rather a partner who pays attention to customer specifications and the dynamics and volatility of the market.

The services provided are extremely flexible and are tailored to meet the organizational and logistic needs of the customer.

Procurement of materials

Bertronic is responsible for the procurement and management of materials on behalf of the customer, working with strategic partners to obtain superior quality raw materials at competitive prices. In order to guarantee production continuity, the costs and the life cycle of the electronic components are constantly monitored, with alternatives proposed to the customer as and when feasible.

Evolutionary maintenance of the project

Bertronic is able to fully support its customers guaranteeing updating processes of re-engineering of the developed projects due to different functional requirements, new technologies, regulatory changes or obsolescence of the components.

The evolutionary maintenance of the project is based on an in-depth analysis of the design and engineering of the electronic board hardware and firmware, to propose the best solutions for relative upgrades, with particular focus on the costs and the life cycle of the electronic components.

After-Sales Services

A modern customer service logic, which combines product and marketing orientation, is not complete without adequate after-sales support services.

This is whyBertronic provides a repair service directly at the customer’s premises with warranty conditions agreed with the customer according to their specific needs.

To complete the service, also with a view to the circular economy, we also carry out out-of-warranty repairs to guarantee longevity to the products as and when feasible.