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New technologies, well-being and environment

We all spend about 90% of our lives indoors and, very often, the air pollution is greater than that encountered outdoors, and this affects our health and well-being.

As far as indoor air quality is concerned, Bertronic is dedicating significant resources to the R&D of new devices for monitoring and improving the air we breathe.

In this regard, we are able to offer advice on the design and development of relative equipment:

  • Design and development of equipment for the abatement of harmful volatile substances, for example viruses and bacteria, by means of the combined use of various technologies including UV LEDs.
  • Studies and use of new technologies and advanced sensory devices to conduct in-depth monitoring of the main polluting factors and to collect data for various types of analysis and monitoring

Innovative system for the photocatalytic oxidative purification of air, suitable for continuous use in the presence of people. The designed designs uses an advanced technology that effectively reduced harmful volatile substances in the air, thanks to titanium dioxide ceramic cells and specific UV-A LEDs.

Compact board for environment quality detection with integrated measurement sensors: Tvoc, Co2 rel, PM 1 – 2.5 – 10, IAQ (Air Quality Index).
Specific gas recognition capabilities via AI and LIGHT sensor. Advice and support via the Casambi platform and remote management via webserver of real time and stored data.

New technologies, well-being and environment

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