Process controls

Depending on the electronic board in production and the bespoke requests of the customer, Bertronic provides process controls at various levels, from the incoming raw materials to the testing of the finished product, to guarantee the quality and stability of the production process.
The automatic optical inspection with simultaneous 2D and 3D algorithms, with 10 projectors with 12 micron 9 megapixel resolution, is of vital importance in the process control procedure to ensure a top speed high precision measurement and inspection process.

Final testing and programming

The final testing completes the production cycle and has the task of verifying the correct operation of the electronic board/equipment according to the customer’s specifications.
The highly qualified technicians are able to satisfy various requirements implementing ad hoc testing procedures and equipment.
The specific services available include:

  • Flying probe testing with SPEA for automated parametric tests.
  • Parametric ICT tests carried out using a needle bed.
  • Functional tests and programming using dedicated test benches supplied by the customer or developed in-house.
  • Insulation and conductivity tests with ABAG TB-ECO

The design and engineering department works with the customer to verify the testability of the electronic circuit and choose the best controls and test methods to optimise the process.


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