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Electronic know-how at the service of Design

Since 2006 Bertronic has also specialised in the design and production of bespoke LED boards and light management systems according to customer specifications.

Particular attention is paid to the performance and durability of the lighting solutions, the design and integration of state-of-the-art control systems.

  • Use of latest generation LEDs with increasing luminous efficiency and lower consumption in terms of absorption (lumen/watt).
  • Design and production of electronic circuits with maximum dimensions of 510x460mm (20” x 18”) with the possibility of providing electromechanical connection and modularity.
  • Led modules developed at both ultra low voltage and mains voltage
  • Integrated control systems such as CASAMBI for light management via an App -, or electronic solutions for PWM dimming in 0-10V, PUSH, DALI, DMX, brightness and presence sensors etc.

Not only LED boards but also finished products.

Our team is able to support and assist the customer in every aspect of the design of a bespoke led lighting system: Co-design and engineering of the enclosure, development of the electronic and lighting components, study of the mechanics with 3D design, prototyping, pre-compliance testing and certification.

From the conception of a product to the marketing and maintenance of the final result.


Depending on the space available for the led board inside the product and the required level of brightness, we are able to recommend the most suitable type of led and the control systems that can be integrated.
Particular attention is paid to heat dissipation to guarantee high performance and longevity of the product. For this reason, we recommend using aluminium electronic circuits to support the dispersion of the generated heat and, during the testing phase, specific tests are carried out using a thermographic camera.


Our ongoing research and study of new technologies enable us to choose the most cutting-edge and high performing LED lighting systems.
Our focus on visual comfort and personal well-being acts as an incentive towards designing state-of-the-art systems, for example with the use of refined LEDs that faithfully recreate the spectrum of sunlight, without blue light, so as not to alter the colours and the sharpness of the details.
It also boasts a certain know-how in the use of UV LED technology for various segments. The UV wavelength range includes UV-A (400-315 nm), UV-B (315-280 nm) and UV-C (280-100 nm) LEDs which are suitable for use in many industrial and civil applications.


According to the characteristics of the LED model foreseen by the board, we can identify different types of optics and, thanks to the use of a photogoniometer in the darkroom, obtain the photometric curve and the lighting diagrams of the product.
The spectrophotometer allows us to swiftly and reliably verify luminous flux, colour grade, colour rendering index (CRI) and colorimetric data from RA to R15, extrapolating LDT files.


In order to meet specific customer requirements, Bertronic can also manage the assembly of semi-finished products through to the fully assembled lighting system, equipped with various accessories and respecting the labelling specifications.


BERTRONIC is also able to support the customer, or autonomously manage the main certifications of the LED module or the finished product such as CE, UL, EAC.

Electronic know-how at the service of Design


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